Enoz / Willert Home Products

Enoz / Willert Home Products

In January I sent a funny letter to Willert Home Products telling them how much I loved the way their Enoz moth balls smelled. I asked if they could send samples of some of their other moth ball scents, so I could try them. When I didn’t get a response right away, I figured Willert didn’t think my letter was nearly as funny as I did. No biggie. Honestly, I completely forgot about the letter until I found an unexpected package waiting for me when I got home. I opened it up and saw four full sized Enoz moth ball products! I never expected Willert to be so generous. After smelling the different scents (Linen, Lavender and Cedar), I’ve decided that Linen is my favorite. I’ve also decided that Willert Home Products is an amazing company. Thanks for the samples!


Results: Annie’s Food for Life, Fresh Express, Benadryl, Hillshire, Thomas’, Vlasic Pickles, Eggo

Annie’s – Yes! Sent a coupon booklet with$8.50 worth of coupons and four additional coupons. Thanks, Annie’s!

Food for Life – Yes! Sent four $0.50 off coupons. Thanks, Food for Life!

Fresh Express – Yes! Send two $0.50 off coupons. Thanks, Fresh Express!

Benadryl – No.

Hillshire Brands – No.

Thomas’ English Muffins – No.

Vlasic Pickles (Pinnacle Foods) – No/Check online.

Eggo (Kellogg’s) – No/Check online.

Today I received coupons from Annie’s, Food for Life and Aveeno.

Today I received coupons from Annies, Food for Life and Aveeno.

Today was a good mail day. I received four $0.50/1 Food for Life products, two $1/1 Aveeno, RoC or Clearasil product and four coupons from Annie’s (different values) and a booklet of coupons worth $8.50. Thanks to all of these companies for their generosity. I emailed them all and specifically asked for coupons.


I contacted Dial on 12/30/13 to request coupons (yes, I actually asked if they could mail me coupons).  They messaged me a few days later and said that they would be mailing coupons. Thanks Dial!


“Thank you for taking the time to contact us concerning a Dial product.

We do not maintain a mailing list which allows us to distribute coupons on an on-going basis. You can, however, contact us once every 6 months to request a coupon packet. The best source for obtaining discount coupons for our products is through newspaper and magazine advertisements as well as on our websites and through Facebook.

Your coupon(s) will follow with a hard copy of this letter via U.S. Mail, which you should receive within the next 7-10 business days.


Thank you for contacting us.


Henkel Consumer Affairs”

Cetaphil (Galderma Laboratories)

I wrote to Galderma Laboratories last night in regards to a bottle of Cetaphil that I purchased. The pump on my bottle broke within a week, so I decided to write a “complaint” about the quality of their bottles. I was hoping they might offer to replace the product. They did ask me to send the bottle to them, but there was no mention of providing a replacement.  I guess we will see what happens after I send it in. I give the company props for responding so quickly. The correspondence is included below.

My E-Mail:

“Dear Galderma Laboratories,

I love your Cetaphil products. Especially your moisturizing lotion and gentle facial cleanser. I recently purchased a 16oz bottle of Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. Unfortunately the pump on the bottle broke within a couple of weeks and I’ve had to get it by squeezing the bottle, which can get messy. I thought you might want to know this so you could take a look at the quality of your bottles. I’d hate for this to happen on a regular basis to customers. I still love your product of course, but it would be great to have a fully functional bottle. Thanks for your time.”

Galderma’s Response: 

“Thank you for contacting us about Cetaphil® Moisturizing Lotion. We regret that you are not satisfied with our product.

We would appreciate your forwarding the lot code located on the lower back label in order that we may monitor any potential product quality issues.

It would be helpful if you could return the Cetaphil® Moisturizing Lotion in question for our evaluation. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining our high standards of product quality.  A postage-paid return envelope will be included for your convenience.

Customer service is important to us. If we can be of additional assistance, please contact our office.

Kind regards,

Galderma Special Services Team”