Anise + Nabi Crackle

So I found this yellow Anise nail polish (there wasn’t a name for the color on the bottle) when I went home for the labor day weekend and I wanted to try it because it looked really pretty and it reminded me of the Savannah Sunshine polish I posted a few weeks ago. I also just got Nabi Crackle in Charcoal  from No More Rack, a site that I love, and I wanted to try that, so I decided to pair them together.

two coats of polish

I guess it’s fortunate that I was so eager to try the crackle because the Anise polish didn’t go on very smoothly, and it kind of looked like a mess just by it self. But once I put the crackle on it ended up looking really cool. Yellow was the perfect color to go under the silvery black of the charcoal crackle. The crackle does go on kind of thick and it needs to go on pretty light to get the full crackle effect, so that was something I had to get a hang of, but overall I really love the effect.


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