NYC Sidewalkers + Matte Me Crazy top coat

I went to Rite Aid yesterday because they had a deal where if you bought 3 nail polishes (excluding wet and wild and some other brands) then you would get $3 +UP Rewards. I wanted to get some of the $.99 NYC nail color, but they were all sold out. The shelf was bare except for a black color, which I didn’t need. So I ended up buying some of the more expensive ($1.99) NYC because I figured I was already there and $3 to spend later was still $3 to spend later, and therefore still a good deal. Well I ended up getting a really pretty dark plum color, a gray color called “Sidewalkers” and a Matte finish top coat.

I couldn’t decide between painting my nails the gray or plum color. I had originally been planing to use a brownish purple nail polish I already had (I am in love with the dark brown/dark purple colors right now), but I wanted to try something new (specifically my new nail polish), so I ended up going with “Sidewalkers.” Honestly, I was kind of feeling a little gray yesterday after I realized how stressful this semester is going to be for me, so it seems fitting. I put on two coats (one would have been enough) of “Sidewalkers” and let them dry before topping it with “Matte Me Crazy.” I’ve never used a Matte finish top coat before, but I love how it worked with the polish. My nails look like just laid concrete. It’s definitely fun and something new.


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