All That Glitters…

The last time I saw Leah, it was an overcast day in summer. That summer seemed more like winter than anything, cool temperatures and lots of rain. As I closed my umbrella and boarded a local bus, I heard a familiar voice say “Hey” with a slight smirk. I knew it was Leah before I saw her sitting alone at the front of the bus. I was slightly embarrassed because she hadn’t changed a bit, same mischievous smile, same shoulder length braids, same slight figure, while I had given up our once shared goal of supermodel like beauty and looked homelier than ever, soaking wet in a sweatshirt and baggy jeans.  She didn’t seem to care though. She was happy to see me and talking a mile-a-minute. 

-Did you ever go back to H. Hospital? 

Yeah, I went back once. About a year ago. What about you?

-I just got out of J.G. Pavilion. My sister had me locked up because she said I was having a bipolar episode. Bitch. It’s horrible in there. Nothing like H.  Those were the good times. *Laugh* Being young and crazy and locked up in H.  Do you remember Amy? Do you still talk to her?

No. But I’m friends with Ashley on facebook.

-Oh, how’s she doing? 

She’s good. She’s going to school at USC.

-And what about you? 

I’m headed to New York to go to graduate school at the end of August. 

-Wow. You’re so lucky you went to college. I wish I had gone.

You still can, you know.

-Nah. Too late for me. But that’s okay.  So where are you headed?

Just home. How about you?

-I’m going to meet a guy for a lunch date?

Your boyfriend? 

-*Laughs* Not exactly *wink*

We exchanged numbers before Leah got off at the next bus stop. I had a sneaking suspicion in my gut that she was prostituting and  her “lunch date” was more like a mid-afternoon out-call. And I didn’t want her to go, but I watched her wave as she stepped off the bus.

When I think of Leah, it brings a smile to my face. She had a great energy, bright and carefree with a mischievousness about it. And we had some good times together, despite being troubled teenagers locked up in H. So when I saw Julep’s nail polish color called “Leah,” it peaked me interest. At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of the color, but the more I looked at, the more it reminded me of Leah, bright, daring, lough, and I knew I had to get it.

I did a mani using Julep’s “Leah” today because I wanted to channel some outgoingness. But in typical fashion, I manged to mess up a couple of nails before they completely dried, so I covered up the imperfections with Julep’s Mila, a glitter polish. And I have to say this reminds me of my friend Leah even more because she tried to cover up all her imperfections with a little glitter and charm. I call this my “All That Glitters” mani. Hopefully it helps me start the school year off good.

(Julep “Leah”)


(Julep “Mila” over “Leah”)



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